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Men's Institute
Ministry Leader: Markus McDaniel
Phone: 202-670-5026

Provides a small group forum for men to grow together in Christ and work with one another to win in life. The group’s focus scripture is 1 Corinthians 16:13-14. The goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to form us into His image and cause us to be the best husbands, fathers, sons, and friends that we can be.

Meetings are held every First Saturday from 9:00 am – 10:30 am at the Church. Discussions are both open and candid. Men deal with real issues and challenges openly to gain victory.

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Men's Prision Ministry
Ministry Leader: Gerard Washington
Phone: 410-740-2617
Provides Christ centered support to inmates incarcerated at the Howard County Detention Center. Persons in this ministry provide evangelistic outreach, one-on-one counseling, bible study and work release ministry services.

Mime Ministry
Ministry Leader: Sonja Banks
Celebration Fine Arts Ministry is designed to facilitate an atmosphere of worship through non-verbal communication. It is our greatest desire to worship the Lord in spirit and in the truth according to John 4:23-24. We want to minister, encourage, extend the vision, reveal his truth and communicate the love of Christ through the arts.

Multimedia Ministry
Ministry Leader: Jarrett Baker
Phone: 410-997-2088 Ext. 123
The Multimedia Ministry provides technical expertise and support for our worship services, meetings, and special events. The success of this multimedia service is reliant upon the collaborative efforts of several teams: the Technical Team, the Audio Team, the Video Team, the CNN Team the PowerPoint Team, the Sales Team, the Duplication Team, the Web Development Team, and the Stage Managers.

Use the internet and information management to allow us to reach and share information with our current membership as well as extend the Gospel beyond the walls of Celebration Church and to the world that is on the internet, "helping people win in life.” Provides technical support and assistance to the Church in the development and management of the Church website and database. Update information on the web-site for members. Create an email system that will offer member the option to receive information via email about news, schedules, ministries, etc. Work with the church to manage its database management system and suggest and support improvements or upgrades

Outfitted To Win
Ministry Leader: Renee Petty
We are all struggling in today’s economy. Some more than others. CELEBRATION CHURCH at Columbia is aware of the need and isaddressing this need by outfitting individuals and families for work, school or home. New and recycled clothing, shoes and accessories will be made available for all that desire assistance.

Ministry Leader: Mike Edwards
Phone: 410-997-2088
The purpose of this ministry is to provide an opportunity for small groups, ministries, and members to reach out to the urban communities of Washington D.C. and Baltimore to identify and meet the needs of the community such as feeding and building homes for the homeless. This ministry plans and coordinates the feeding of the homeless and building of homes in urban areas. S

Parking Ministry
Ministry Leader: Jahmel Haynes
Upon arrival at Celebration Church you are welcomed by members of the Parking Ministry. The Parking Ministry directs guests and members to available parking, open car doors in front of the church, extend an umbrella on rainy/snowy days, and facilitate the overall flow of traffic around Celebration Church. Team members arrive before the 8am, 10am and 12pm service to make sure that traffic flows as we transition from one service to the next.

Security Ministry
Ministry Leader: Gary Bass
Phone: 301-346-0660
The Security Team is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all worshippers to enjoy their worship experience. They provide security coverage during all services and some special events.

Seniors Ministry
Ministry Leader: Barbara Goodridge
Phone: 410-992-8211
Advocates, supports, and provide outreach through the Celebration Church vision of helping individuals within our senior communities "Win in Life".

Shape Team
Ministry Leader: Anthony Price
To assist Christ followers in identifying the God given SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart or passion, Abilities, Personalities and experiences) in order to better understand God’s plan for their lives. The SHAPE class is an eight week course in the Bible Training Institute that is the first stage of helping people connect with a ministry that compliments their SHAPE. Conduct various inspiring and motivational projects throughout the year. Members of the SHAPE Team evaluate and monitor training needs, recruit, develop and train apprentices, participate in the class training activities and develop and implement various projects ministry projects with participation from class graduates.

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