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WIN Institute
Ministry Leader: Ernie Davis
The WIN Institute provides a comprehensive curriculum of study designed to help persons of Celebration Church ‘Win In Life’ through the understanding and application of God’s Word.

Winning Writers
Ministry Leader: Daniel Olatunde
To present a writer’s forum to the community that will help existing writers and those who desire to write to embark upon publishing. The writer's workshops will be comprised of various writers and authors within CELEBRATION CHURCH at Columbia, and in the local community, who will enhance the education and inspiration, and finally, the production of quality Christian publications.

Women Of Celebration Church
Ministry Leader: Sondra Jackson
Phone: 410-461-9343
Help the women of Celebration Church win in life through programs and activities that focus on sisterhood (friendship), personal growth, missions and service. Extends the gospel of Jesus Christ, promotes spiritual and personal growth, builds friendship and inter-dependence, supports a healthy community that lives right for God, encourages the stewardship of all of life, and supports the united ministries and beliefs through gifts of finance and leadership.

Women's Prison Ministry
Ministry Leader: Ridia Reid
It is our "Vision” that the Celebration Church at Columbia, is known as a center of Believers that receives, supports and embraces those incarcerated, returning citizens, victims, and their families with understanding, education and a willingness to be part of God’s healing process unto wholeness in that their lives become better. We simply want to build relationships, with those hurting, one heart at a time.

Women's Saturday Bible Study
Ministry Leader: Robin Davis
Encourages women of all ages to become Godly mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends. Provoking and life relevant open discussions are facilitated along with the distribution of written information. This ministry empowers women to become 21st Century Proverb 31 women. In short, this ministry helps all women "Win In Life.”

Women's Thursday Bible Study
Ministry Leader: Sue Sterling
Phone: 240-882-0796
Build women up through creative and relevant adventures in the Word of God. Small group environment designed to address relevant issues relation to the seasons of a woman's life. The primary goal is to help women know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ, and share Christ.

Young Adult Ministry
Ministry Leader: Raine Cunningham
Phone: 410-227-2000
The ministry provides a space where young adults can connect andgrow spiritually as we stay focused on Christ.The Young Adult Ministry meets every Thursday and functions as a small group setting; also includes fellowship opportunities, group social outings and ministry events.

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