What is Consecration 2019?
To consecrate means to make or declare something sacred; to set it apart for God’s purposes.  2019 marks year eleven of our corporate season of consecration.  Eleven years ago the Lord led us to start the year in a season of church-wide consecration.  Since then we have committed the beginning of every year to corporate fasting and prayer.  This special and extended time of commitment will serve as the foundation upon which we continue to grow in our love and devotion to Jesus in light of his abundant provision of grace.  Let’s expect God to operate powerfully in the ministry of Celebration as we master our flesh for a spiritual and natural purpose.  Indeed, our spirits, souls, and bodies will be cleansed and renewed during this extraordinary time.  So we take this sacred time of prayer and fasting seriously, looking forward to what God has in store for us collectively and individually this year.