Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Welcome to Discipleship!

In this area, you will find ministries, activities, and events to help you grow spiritually as you become more like the Lord Jesus Christ.

These include our Bible study, training classes, Encounter classes, Seminars, Lecture Series, and special Discipleship ministries all designed to help you take your next steps toward Christian maturity. Here is where you can help others take their next steps.

We encourage you to take the next step right now and find out more about courses, training, and tools to help you grow here at Celebration Church.
 Ernie Davis Pastor of Discipleship

Ernie Davis Pastor of Discipleship


 To help people to “win in life” through preparing, learning, understanding, and applying the principles in

The Holy Bible, thus equipping them to take their next step(s) toward Christian maturity


Helping People Win in Life through an in-depth knowledge of The Holy Bible


  “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, which is Christ.”

Ephesians 4:15 

What are the Ministries?

Christian Guidance – licensed and qualified Christian counselors are at your service to comfort you with God’s Word in the time of need.

Intercessory Prayer and 24-hour Prayer Vigil  – our experienced prayer team is equipped to surround you with a powerful prayer that will positively impact your situation, circumstance, or specific request. These dynamic men and women of God are ready to pray on your behalf. Get ready for a blessing!

WIN Institute – over 50 Christian courses are available to assist you to “win in life” and grow toward spiritual maturity during four semesters during the calendar  year. Over 1,100 registrations since 2007 and an outstanding group of dynamic instructors are ready to serve. WIN Institute is in its 6th year.

WIN Institute “Inside” (MD Correctional Institution for Women, Jessup, MD and Patuxent, MD) – our Christian education expansion program for incarcerated women in Howard County, MD.

Women’s Prison – weekly and monthly one-on-one counseling and ministering to incarcerated women in the Howard County, MD prison systems.

Men’s Prison – recruitment of men to attend the orientation and training program at the Howard County Detention Center, Jessup, MD, offered three times per year. Our goal is for men to be available to serve as needed.

Corporate Prayer – Join us for regular early morning prayer and another special prayer session throughout the year.