My son Robbie and I are going through such a rough time these pass few years! Our relationship was the best mother son relationship to be around us was pure joy! This relationship meant and still means everything to me it was and still is such a blessing. Somewhere we lost our way. My son has become extremely disrespectful to a level of him always justifying his actions and I am becoming so frustrated that I'm doing so much yelling and find myself wanting to just give up! I need strength I need prayer my son is too important to me to give up on! He is my first born and my only son! Please pray for his strength help him to find his way! Pray that God covers him and with his blood and wrap him in his arms! Pray for my daughters as well they to need prayer I pray for their strength as well oh God! Please keep my 3 babies don't ever let them go let them always come to you oh God keep them away from the wrong things! In your son Jesus name oh God ~~Amen

Received: September 23, 2018