When we say LOVE – we mean forever. No one grows up thinking, “I can’t wait to meet that someone, fall in Love, get married, and then Divorce – splitting assets within 5 years!” Experts say that a marriage ends every 13 seconds. By the time you finish reading this book, more than 500 marriages will have run off the rails! Author, National Speaker and Life Coach Andy Thompson, presents an insightful, and revealing shift in the framework of our thinking on DIVORCE and REAL LOVE in modern culture. Andy Thompson declares that the staggering high rate of Divorce in America might actually be our Saving Grace. “I think that is Number – 50% of marriages ending in Divorce – will be the very thing that saves it as a concept in this country. Marriage is NO LONGER guaranteed. If we don’t learn NOW, know how to handle this thing called Marriage with CARE… then Love as we WANT IT will never be Forever.” In a clear and compelling way, the concepts of the dream of “Unconditional Love” and how to achieve the “Unbreakable Bonds of Marriage” are delivered in a straightforward and practical way, as Andy Thompson shows you how to arrive at marriage right, and exposes what most marriages are missing that keeps them from staying right. If you are married or thinking about it, this book puts the concept of Marriage on Trial – walking you the reader through systematic steps to find it right the first time, keep it and make it work for the last time! So, go ahead and say “love,” and discover how to HANDLE IT WITH CARE!


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