The Road to Mega Success, 3rd Ed. Paperback by Louis G. Hutt

Are you overly dependent on your accountants to understand the meaning of the financial data? Do you feel uncomfortable navigating between different financial statements? Are you unable to identify critical financial information for your business? Do you struggle to convert profit potential into real financial returns? Is cash flow a chronic and crippling problem? Is your legal infrastructure weak and ill-fitted to your business model? If you answer in the affirmative to any of the questions above, The Road to MegaSuccess will be a guiding light. The book is tailored for the entrepreneur who has experienced anxiety, frustration, or trauma in building a financially viable business. It demystifies the conventional financial methods of business management, so that the average person can easily understand. Deliberately designed to be an easy read, this book will help to increase the odds for your business success. The Road to MegaSuccess is the answer to the business decision-makers quandary. Irrespective of whether you are inexperienced or seasoned, the practical lessons, concepts and real life experiences presented in The Road to MegaSuccess will help accelerate your ascent through the ranks of the business world. The Road to MegaSuccess offers a simple model for navigating the hurdles along the way to growing a profitable business whether operating in a strong or weak economic climate.


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